Rest in peace

Zoe, my 5 year old granddaughter picking a flower from mother's arrangement.

I haven't written in a dear 93 year old mother who suffered a severe stroke in October died Jan. 1, 2011...she didn't make it to her 94th birthday Jan. 18, but she did make it to 2011!! Many of her grandchildren and children gathered to say farewell to this extraordinary woman in a beautiful, very fitting service Jan. 6 in Minnesota, home of her heart and where she and Daddy had lived for the past 30 years.

It was a beautiful MInnesota wintry day...clean, cold, crisp, the snow sparkling through the trees.  She was buried behind Dorris Church right next to my dad.
Gentz conducting the graveside services. 

Mother's grandsons lovingly carrying her

My sister Becki called it a Celebration of love which it truly was...we loved her, she loved us...we honor her memory..we will miss her. I've talked to so many people who say, oh my mom died 11 years ago and I still want to call her and talk to her and tell her what's going one! I've never been able to relate to that before, but now I believe I can....and the thing is...she is very aware of what is going on as she watches from above, so until I join her in the next life, I can continue to talk to her and share with her. Rest in peace dear sweet mother!

Lucille M. Jones
Jan. 18, 1917-Jan. ,2011