Wow! Where have I been?

Wow, it's been over a year since I last wrote and there is so much to share.
In July we bought our dream cabin in our beloved Minnesota; there it was sitting there waiting for us on 9 acres of wooded land with trails, outbuildings, a great garage, plenty of room and even a sauna in the basement and a wood burning furnace. It was our dream come true. The whole family gathered up there for Thanksgiving and after Gentz retires in December, we will be going up there much more often! And will eventually retire; it is just a few miles from where my parents had their land and just a five minute walk from where they are both buried. Two sisters live in the area, so it will be fun to live near them for the first time in my life.
Life is good and I am grateful. I am also wanting to write in this blog more often, so tonight, I  just make a quick start.