I'm heading to a Job Fair this morning at Illinois College to set up a Scentsy booth. This is like my fourth year for doing this; doesn't seem like I ever get anything from it as they won't let you do cash and carry but it gets me OUT! Working from home I can get pretty just into being here and not even coming in contact with another breathing human being except for my husband and I don't count Facebook. So, off I go today, out among real people, smiling, laughing and schilling my wonderful product! There is no way around it...people energize me. This is good.

A Quiet Easter

What a mellow day! Church was great as always; Gentz enjoyed his He is Risen greeting and hoping for the answer he has always heard from his little mother Mary: He is risen indeed! We both sang in the choir today...two of my favorites: He is Risen and Christ the Lord is Risen today!

We had Jeremy, a young friend of ours from church who lives alone over for lunch; Gentz had made chicken and sweet potatoes and oat muffins. Then mother Mary came over and wanted to eat on our sunny front porch. I spent some time on the couch, visiting with Jeremy as best I could since he is deaf and I don't sign well, but we were having fun looking at some things on youtube and he introduced me to hula.com. John was around all day; the highlight of his day was my sharing my netflix password with him. So he has been catching up on episodes of Mad Men, whatever the heck that is!

We went to the cemetery as is our custom on Easter with the Easter lily that kari was so kind to send us. She is well aware of the family tradition. We put it at the head of our Jakob's grave with a little open plastic Easter egg that signifies the open tomb. Someday we know we will see our little boy again and his body will be whole and well because of the glorious resurrection. Gentz spoke a bit of how as he gets older, death doesn't seem to loom so forbidding as he contemplates the reunion with so many family members who have gone on ahead. Mother Mary of course agreed with that as she thought of Edgar...there she is 90 years old, all bent over, still loving life and I thought of how close death is to her now and that someday I will be in that same place that she is now. I heard it said by someone that even if we live to be 100 our lives our short, magnificent and messy! How true....I'm not sure how I got to be 61 years old so fast, and I hope the next thirty won't go as quickly as the last thirty did, but I know there are many good days ahead. So grateful for my family and God and Easter and days like today!

Then we finished off our little outing by going to Bryan Leonard's land where he is building a cabin...such a fun place!

Wow! Where have I been?

Wow, it's been over a year since I last wrote and there is so much to share.
In July we bought our dream cabin in our beloved Minnesota; there it was sitting there waiting for us on 9 acres of wooded land with trails, outbuildings, a great garage, plenty of room and even a sauna in the basement and a wood burning furnace. It was our dream come true. The whole family gathered up there for Thanksgiving and after Gentz retires in December, we will be going up there much more often! And will eventually retire; it is just a few miles from where my parents had their land and just a five minute walk from where they are both buried. Two sisters live in the area, so it will be fun to live near them for the first time in my life.
Life is good and I am grateful. I am also wanting to write in this blog more often, so tonight, I  just make a quick start.